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The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 15 - The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet[]

Nha Tranh, Kowloon...

"...plotting their last registered course, if it follows a standard linear model, and if they survived emergence, and if Lt. Diamh followed protocols, we can extend a picket along that course-line, and maybe pick up their blackbox. I need you to sign off on a six to twelve month deployment of 1st Division to cover possible deviations of up to three degrees." Commodore Minh explained.

"For how far?"

"Until the supplies hit bingo time." she said, "It could be almost to the Clan Homeworlds before we have to give up, but it's going to take a sizeable fleet, and since we're not being funded by LCN for this..."

Nathan reached for the approval on the portable a hair quicker than his wife.

Elizabeth pressed her thumb on the scanner and signed off. "Find our girl, Commodore." Nathan Roshak said firmly, "Bring her home."

"Aye suh, Ayeh mum." Nicole saluted.

"Chart everything on the way, she'll like that." Elizabeth interjected, "Amanda wants to be an Explorer, like the heroes in those old Pathfinder novels, she'll be absolutely ginched if...when you show her."

"Yes ma'am." Nicole hid her own uncertainty. They're still in denial, but charting systems along that course will be good training.

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