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The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 11 - The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet[]

CSA Absolute Truth
McKenna Class Battleship

Colleen system...

First, there was a pulse, and temporarily, the ship's sensors and systems reacted, breakers tripping throughout the vessel.

When power came up, there was a broadcast blanketing all comm channels currently in use.

"Attention Star League Warship SLS Absolute Truth, this is the Coast Guard, stand down, you are bound by law, the charges are as follows: Desertion, Dereliction of duty, Conspiracy to commit Treason against the Star League, Collaboration with House Amaris, War Crimes as follows: the intentional and deliberate targeting of Star League Civilians, Violations of Ares Convention Articles, Theft of Star League Property, Conspiracy to Desert, conspiracy to genocide, Slave trading, slave taking, slave-holding, The use of Star League Citizens as currency. Conspiracy with House Amaris, Conspiracy to Emulate House Amaris, Sheltering of House Amaris Collaborators, Obstruction of Justice, evasion of Justice, resisting arrest...Violations of Star League Defense Force Regulations, non regulation uniforms, and shoddy parking. Poor Spacemanship."

"Where the hell is that coming from?"

There wasn't time for the Commanding officer of the ship to get his answer, as the first of two ten megaton warheads struck the McKenna Class vessel amidships, and detonated.

McKenna Class Battleship - Under Missile Attack (by shortpainter)

SLS Absolute Truth being struct by two ten megaton nuclear warheads.

They barely had time to sound a distress call to summon the other vessel sent to exterminate the hated Blood Spirits, and no time at all for the ground forces on Haven to get back to their ship before it had been broken.

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