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The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 10 - The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet[]

"She's a Nightlord class. christ."

Nightlord Class Battleship (by Matt Plog 2016)

Nightlord Class Battleship

"Uses Clanner doctrine, ayeh? Pressurized, Warriors don't do damage control, so..."

It begins with calculations. Angles, Trajectories, courses. "She's got to stay steady since she's still deploying fighters out, moves in to bombard after they've suppressed air defenses, moves out if a dropship slips the fighter screen."

Cimbral spoke up, "Ahey, 'manda, you got that recording from your mother's trial?"

"I think so...Why?"

"It donno gud ta send a message wi'out a Message ayeh? and it'll get ahm lookin' wrongwayz we put it th' far side of things, ayeh?"

"Maybe draw them out, if they think there's a better fight. good point." Amanda said, "One of Dad's stories-during the initial liberation a defense unit used a squawk box to try and draw the Falcon Jaegers into an ambush, and it almost worked, and when Allard Liao lured them into the Great Gash, it was with a challenge that stung the pride of the ground commander on Twycross."

"Thes are Klannawallah oldschoo, ayeh?"

"Ayeh, hypocrisy intact."

"We can pr'dict'em moves ef they's responden to us." Cimbral suggested.

"Hm, and it might let some of those poor bastards escape into the outer system." Diamh said, "Sounds good. Chief, are we charged on both drive and battery?"

"Yes mum."

"Prep a beacon sat for release, give it a relay and some extra EM generators. Toi, prep two missiles with flashbulb warheads and a detection trigger."

"Aye mum."

"What are we going to say to them?" Amanda asked.

"Leave that to me." Cimbral dropped her accent and said clearly.

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