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Built For War TRO
Built for War TRO
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Primary writing Josh DeBoe
Chris Hart
Doug Buchanan
Pages 18
Cover artwork Matt Plog
Illustrations Anthony Scroggings
Matt Plog
Publication information
Product code Download Link
First published April 30th, 2016
Content General
Era Dark Age Era
Timeline 3060-3145
Series Built for War


Built For War: Fan TRO (abbreviated TRO: BFW), was a fan project to produce a TRO, however it stalled. Only a mini-TRO was created by the group of Australian Battletech fans.

Despite the only having a Teaser version of the TRO, the art and the book's content still a good read.

Download Link[]

Download Link for file

Publication Description[]

Get into the Shadows!

Built for War is a TRO for the BattleTech universe that will feature over a hundred new units with original professional art, full write-ups, record sheets and MegaMek files, and more. ‘Mechs are the primary focus, but they’ll be supported by tanks, VTOLs, battle armor, and maybe even an aerospace craft or two. Built for War is set in the Late Republic and Dark Age eras, between 3100 and 3150, and includes new units for Great Houses, Spheroid Clans, and Periphery States alike.


This book is purely fan-based, however features some artists whom have created canon images for units found in Battletech canon.


  • Credits
  • Veles Infantry Support Suit (Power Armor)
  • Geist Security Suit (Light Battle Armor)
  • Dragonfly (OmniVTOL)
  • Hulagu Cavalry Tank (Clan Tank)
  • KN2-O Knight (Light BattleMech)
  • JZU-99 Juzumaru (Medium BattleMech)
  • BRS-B1 Brass Bull (Heavy BattleMech)
  • Thane (Clan Assault BattleMech)

External Links[]


  • Blog showing the progress for this Technical Readout last updated in April 2017.