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History - The Outer Colonies Region[]

And now we come to the part I have the most difficulty believing, because if the book's right, then these guys are sitting on the single largest collection of warships in existence. Even if you took all the hidden caches that the Clans are supposed to have hidden away somewhere, on a ton-for-ton basis, this guys have to be in a class of their own.

If you believe the book.

As I said before, I did some digging and some of these names do correspond with known Star League ships, but records from that time are hardly accurate. ComStar, Word of Blake, or the Clans might have a better list hidden away somewhere, but if they do they're not sharing. Who knows, maybe the Word stumbled upon the Outer Colonies and that's where they got some of their surprising warship strength from?
But that's just idle speculation; I'll just give you the numbers and let you decide for yourselves.

- Starling

Outer Colonies Defense Force - Navy[]

Port Stanley Squadron:
SLS Vanguard (McKenna class Battleship)
SLS Loch Lomond (Lola I class Destroyer)
SLS Fusilier (Lola II class Destroyer)
SLS Valhalla (Essex class Destroyer)

New Tasmania Squadron:
SLS Hood (Texas class Battleship)
SLS Loki (Essex class Destroyer)
SLS Hel (Essex class Destroyer)
SLS Idun (Essex class Destroyer)

San Antonio squadron:
SLS New Mexico (Texas class Battleship)
SLS Pillars of Hercules (Lola III class Destroyer)
SLS Njord (Essex class Destroyer)
SLS Ull (Essex class Destroyer)

New Jersey squadron:
SLS Arizona (Texas class Battleship)
SLS Inverness (Lola II class Destroyer)
SLS Patrick O'Connor (Lola III class Destroyer)
SLS Wild Swan (Whirlwind class Destroyer)

Rockall Squadron:
SLS Sabretooth (Black Lion class Battle Cruiser)
SLS Fort William (Lola II class Destroyer)
SLS Edinburgh (Lola III class Destroyer)
SLS Defender (Whirlwind class Destroyer)

Last Post Squadron: SLS Quicksilver (Black Lion class Battle Cruiser)
SLS Aberdeen (Lola II class Destroyer)
SLS MacLeod (Lola II class Destroyer)
SLS La Mancha (Quixote class Frigate)

New Jamaica squadron:
SLS St George (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS Isis (Whirlwind class Destroyer)
SLS Firedrake (Whirlwind class Destroyer)
SLS Strider (Naga class Destroyer)

Vision Squadron:
SLS St Patrick (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS Belmont (Whirlwind class Destroyer)
SLS Vixen (Whirlwind class Destroyer)
SLS Galactic (Riga class Frigate)

Malloy's World squadron:
SLS St Andrew (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS Saguenay (Whirlwind class Destroyer)
SLS Achates (Whirlwind class Destroyer)
SLS Starhound (Naga class Destroyer)

Rorke's Drift Squadron:
SLS Jericho (Texas class Battleship)
SLS Ivanhoe (Sovetskii Soyuz class Heavy Cruiser)
SLS Toronto (Whirlwind class Destroyer)
SLS Veteran (Whirlwind class Destroyer)

Training Ships
SLS Islington (Vincent Mk 39 Corvette)
SLS Billingsgate (Vincent Mk 39 Corvette)

Hamunaptra System Picket
SLS Asgard (Essex class Destroyer)
SLS Freya (Essex class Destroyer)
SLS Thor (Essex class Destroyer)
SLS Odin (Essex class Destroyer)
SLS Sir Percivale (Potemkin class Troop Cruiser)
SLS Sir Tristran (Potemkin class Troop Cruiser)
SLS Chatham (Newgrange class Yard Ship)

Hamunaptra Naval Reserve
SLS Philip of Macedonia (Farragut class Battleship)
SLS Helen of Troy (Monsoon class Battleship)
SLS Paris (Monsoon class Battleship)
SLS Menelaus (Monsoon class Battleship)
SLS Agamemnon (Monsoon class Battleship)
SLS Kassandra (Monsoon class Battleship)
SLS Convoy (Potemkin class Troop Cruiser)
SLS Buffalo (Potemkin class Troop Cruiser)
SLS St Vincent (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS St Columber (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS St Paul (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS St Valentine (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS St David (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS St Fancies (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS St Jude (Cameron class Battle Cruiser)
SLS Viktor (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS Nastasia (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS Konstantin (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS Andreas (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS Romanov (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS Makarov (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS St Petersburg (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS Catherine the Great (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS Dante (Samarkand II class Fleet Carrier)
SLS Arkaday (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS Siberia (Samarkand II class Aerospace Carrier)
SLS Eye of Ra (Avatar class Heavy Cruiser)
SLS Loch Ness (Lola I class Destroyer)
SLS Mac Duff (Lola I class Destroyer)
SLS Ottawa (Whirlwind class Destroyer)
SLS Matabele (Whirlwind class Destroyer)

"Given the number of ships they claim to have, the fact that so few are apparently on active service could mean that the others not fit for service, or they lack the means to support a larger number. You can decide for yourself, as they give no mention of the number of civilian or military JumpShips at their disposal, so it's hard to gage the pool of trained personnel they can draw on. They do however claim to have at least two shipyards capable of repairing if not building warships; one in orbit of Port Stanley, the other over New Jamaica.

They also claim to have a
Newgrange class YardShip in the Hamunaptra system, so it is possible that they are running at least basic maintenance on the ships under their care.
But, again, this is all speculation until someone gets hold of credible evidence one way or the other."


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