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NewsFast - The Outer Colonies Region[]

News and views from around the Outer Colonies
December 8th, 3065

  • Wolverines On The Warpath?
    saKhan Mary Mroczkiewicz has still refused to disclose the full extent of the recently exposed military build-up that has been undertaken by the government of Rorke's Drift. Vice-Chairman Robert McDevitt reiterated his public challenge to the saKhan to explain herself before the Council of Eleven, but several members, including Chairwoman Helena Stark, have come out in the Clan's defense, pointing out that the build up is purely defensive in nature and is perfectly legal under the Federalization Treaty. Critics claim that it is proof that the former Clan has not abandoned all of their old ways and could constitute a threat to the other Colonies.

    Tell us what you think about the build-up on our comments page

  • Heiress Marries In Secret
    The Hark Corporation released a statement to the press this morning announcing that company CEO and majority shareholder Anna Hark was last week married in a private ceremony at the family estates on New Tasmania. Long considered to be the most eligible bachelorette in the Outer Colonies, Miss Hark is the only child of Mackenzie and Jade Hark, who were killed in the Amber Cloud accident ten years ago. She has an estimated personal fortune of almost $50-billion as well as a controlling share in the largest privately owned company in the region. Despite her privatized upbringing, Miss Hark chose to enter college on a military scholarship, earning Masters Degrees in both International Relations and Business before serving a three year hitch as a 2nd Lieutenant assigned to an infantry Regiment. Since then she has taken over the day-to-day running of the company her family started under the Star League, boosting profits to the point where they rival many independent worlds. She is also well known for her charitable work, and is known to regularly donate large sums to the Knights Templar and their various projects.
    The identity of her husband has not been made public, according to the statement due to the fact that he is an officer with the Outer Colonies Defense Force who wishes to serve out the remainder of his tour undisturbed.

    Was marriage motivated by unplanned pregnancy?

  • Typhoon Terri To Make Landfall
    The city of New Constantinople on Last Post is bracing itself for the worst storm in twenty years as the Class-5 storm is set to hit just after dark tonight as the Knights Templar deploy troops to oversee the evacuation of low-lying regions. In a rare move, Paladin Donald Blake, long suspected of being a senior member of the, addressed the public and called for an orderly and calm flow to higher ground. He also stated that anyone attempted to use the confusion to break the law would be dealt with harshly, and that more troops would be arriving from the Last Post Militia and the 88th Division to help move civilians.
    The Citadel itself is not considered to be at risk.

    What makes Terri so dangerous?

  • Games WILL Go Ahead As Planned Says Grant
    Councilwoman Joanna Gant had publicly denied claims that the preparations for next years Olympic Games on Rockall are falling behind schedule and running over budget. She insisted the the opening ceremony will take place as planned in the new Stadium in Derry, despite claims by some that large parts of the still incomplete structure need to be rebuilt due to mistakes during the initial construction.
    The IOC is planning a full investigation into the claims.

    Is Rockall the victim of a smear campaign?

  • Arch-Rivals Set To Square Off In Finals
    Long-term rivals the Jersey Devils and the Rosalyn Renegades are preparing to face each other in the final of this years Zero-Gravity Rugby Championship after the Devils crushing 46-27 defeat of the Port Royal Panthers in last week's semi-final. Considered by many to be the longest held rivalry in local sports, the two teams have a history of violent clashes both on and off the court, promoting Clarke Station to put on extra security for the cup game. Fans are advised to book now, as tickets are fast running out.

    Leading doctors claim zero-gravity sports more dangerous then previously thought

  • Pirates Strike Convoy
    An unknown band of pirates have raided a convoy just three jumps from Redemption, the closet they have come to our borders since the battle to liberate that world. The OCDF responded by releasing a statement that they would be stepping up anti-piracy operations in the area. Many critics have berated the move, claiming that the government is too soft on pirates, and that the military should be given a free hand to deal with them.

    Piracy: the Inside Story

  • Star Knight IV Breaks All Box-Office Records
    The latest installment in the hugely successful Star Knight film franchise opened last weekend, and millions of fans across the Outer Colonies rushed to theaters to see it. The series, which stars stars Dan Albert as Dexter Hazard, a former member of the Knights Templar who sets out to avenge the death of his family at the hands of a pirate band, has been criticized by some for being too violent. But there is denying that the draw of the lone MechWarriors quest for justice is as popular as ever, with some theaters staying open around the clock to fill the demand.

    Studio green-lights Star Knight V

  • Fishing Fleet Attacked By Thanasours
    A number of ships have been damaged or sunk on Pacifica after they were attacked by a pod of native Thanasours. The aquatic reptiles were apparently tracking the same near-cod as the fishermen, and attacked when they saw their prey being taken from them. Seven crew members were killed and five more are still missing as emergency teams scour the area to try and locate survivors. It has been confirmed that the town-ship attached to the fleet was attacked, but suffered only superficial damage.
    Environmentalists denounced the use of military-grade ordinance to drive off the Thanasours', claiming that the creatures were only acting instinctively.

    The true price of the food on your plate

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