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The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye (Cover Art)

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Chapter 86 - The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye[]


Shelves of medical supplies as far as the eye could see-and not just any supplies.

Organs for transplant. Huge five liter shipping containers of blood, separated by type, rolls of intestine, sheets of skin, bone, pallets of harvested organs in their cryonic packing...

"This is what they did, Major. this is why we're putting up the stakes. This is why. Millions of people reduced to spare parts by tissue type. they parted millions out like used cars. This can't be the first time." the slim man with colonel's rank and stoned eyes recited, "I will continue to use the resources available to me, to train anti-Amaris resistance forces. I will not take down the stakes and those...monsters will not get a christian burial. Go back to the, General, show him this. Ask him what is justice for these people, because I still can't figure that one out, but I know that an example must be made..."


Nelson Elam vomited and his mind spun in disorientation. The Coxswain was fast-given that she already had the minivac hooked up, and was catching her own vomit, she was fast-fast enough to keep his from hitting the panels. "Don't wanna do that." she said easily.

" was real."

"I'd suggest not talking about it." she added. "Funny a guy like you would get jump-dreams."

Gesturing, she added, "Most of these mooks didn't, after all."

"Jump dreams?"

"Yeah. TDS. YOu might wanna talk to your medical guys, or tell them to keep their mouths shut. that one was a pretty soft hit, no biggie, nobody's screaming and tearing at their eyes, so a smooth run."

"Does that happen??"

"Sometimes. sometimes a guy gets caught on the outer hull during a transition, gets his brain-meat baked...I'd guess there's a good cause for your tech people to survey the hull for EM leaks, nothing major, mind. It's just hyperspace slipping in through the cracks, playing on whatever's on your subconscious."

He looked at her skeptically, "Really?"

"If you don't trust me on it, trust AFFC medical. They don't take anyone into the Regulars who gets Jump-dreams. something about TDS being life-threatening or something. Reserves is as far as you get."

"You get them...what are yours like?" he pressed.

"Unicorns and flowers." she lied. "Nothing disturbing or horrifying at all...your buddies are waking up, you might let go of my helmet ring?"

He unfolded his fist. "I saw Elbar." he said.

"OOh...better back off the reading before bedtime." she commented, "reading the war journals from that action is enough to ****** up anyone's night."

"It was like I was there." he continued softly.

"Yeah, vivid imagination you got there. Don't spread it around or someone might think it's too vivid." she paused, "Was it the stakes, or the warehouse?"


"Yikes, that's a bad one...Okay, ladies and gentlemen!! if you will look on your telescopic displays of outside, you will note that we are currently at the Kowloon L-1 point! this is where I get off, Traffic control should have you on the horn in a few minutes, follow directions if you don't want to be run over by commercial shipping because Emergence Waves are bad for ships, people, and everything wrapped in between!"

"Why not go ahead and stay, Coxswain. As my guest." Nelson said it in a tone that was polite-and clearly an order.

"Fair." she said.

"We can discuss...things while we are on approach." he added, "History, you seem well versed."

"Lots of time on the float." she allowed, "lots of time in drift, gotta do something to stay sharp..."

"Exactly. Let us speak of histories."

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