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The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye (Cover Art)

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Chapter 83 - The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye[]

"Now that that's over with...

...does anyone who still has a viable Clan want to argue?" Ulric Kerensky scowled as he spoke his rebukes. "Lincoln? Elias? do you have anything intelligent to offer?" he crossed his arms, the ilKhan in a glare of rage, "That was humiliating. Truscott, do you have anything clever to add?" his glare pierced across the surviving Khans. "Anybody?? Tseng, you at least achieved ONE of your mission objectives, do you have any arguments to present?"


"Here is what we are going to do. We have fifteen years of 'truce', and you are each and every one of you going to make full use of that time to correct the...mind-blowing defects in your training, readiness, tactical, and strategic methods. Let me make this absolutely crystal clear for each and every one of you."

He strode in a pacing gait, meeting each of their eyes.

"Your showings were a disgrace. I did not WANT this invasion. I argued against this war, and now, you know why...but we HAVE this invasion and we have this war...and for fifteen years, that is three cycles of Sibko development, on average, each of you has the opportunity to correct your defects and redeem yourselves and your Clans."

He turned, "Natasha?" he extended a hand, and the Khan of Clan Wolf gave him a stack of datachips. "These, are analyses of each Clan's performance in the proxy trial, highlight on doctrinal and discipline issues that led to each defeat." he trooped them, laying a chit before each of them. "call it the first list of defects that will be corrected if you do not want me to back trials of absorption, abjuration, or I understood, Lincoln Osis?"

The Smoke Jaguar Khan nodded, "Aff."

"Only one of you managed to achieve ONE mission objective, and only Khan Natasha Kerensky managed both. Clan Wolf, does not require correction. The rest of you? Need to consider how things will look for you when the Truce ends, and offensive operations can begin again. Losing at Tukayyid, a proxy, against a fraction of the forces we will all be facing if-and-when the offensive phase of Operation: Revival begins again? none of you would make it. if you wish to seek that glory, you will correct that simple fact. a glorious offensive that leads to utter defeat is utter defeat. it is an insult to the Founder and The Father. am I clear, quiaff?"


"Get from my sight, fix your damn defects, DISMISSED."

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