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The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye (Cover Art)

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Chapter 63 - The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye[]

Comstar Production Report
January 3051

Federated Boeing Galax;

RX-79 "Fox" Class Corvette:

Fox Class Corvette (Underway - BattleTech Space Wars Mod)

Fox Class Corvette

3 in final fitting
4 cores completed with primary inner hull complete
4 cores in processing

Ian Davion class Light Corvette:

6 in final fitting
8 Cores complete with primary inner hull
12 Cores in processing.

New Syrtis Yards:

RX-80 prototype core in final processing


2 in final fitting
4 cores in final assembly with primary inner hull dried in
5 cores in processing

Ian Davion (block 2):

6 in final fitting/assembly
8 Cores in final assembly with primary hull dried in
12 cores in processing

Filtvelt Naval Arsenal:

RX-79 0 in final fitting 1 in final assembly with primary hull dried in
4 cores in processing

Ian Davion block 1s
8 in final fitting
16 in final assembly area with primary hull dried in
16 cores in foundry processing

Alarion Shipyards (Lyran Commonwealth)

RX-80 prototype 2: Primary hull dried in, movement to final assembly scheduled for March 11, 3051

RX-79 "Fuchs" block 1.5

1 complete (LCS Fennek)
4 in final fitting
4 cores dried in and proceeding to final assembly
8 cores in foundry.

Sampan IV Class Corvette

Sampan III Class Cutter in Orbit (Ngoverse)

Sampan IV Class Cutter/Corvette

8 completed final assembly in late January, awaiting commissioning
8 in final assembly/fitting (scheduled releases between February 5, and February 25)
16 Cores in Hull Structures final (dried in inner hull)
16 cores in foundry/forging process

Ioto Gibbs

RX-81 Prototype core has completed Core forging, movement to structures assembly scheduled for April 22, 3051

Fuchs (Fox) class Corvette, RX-79 (variant A):

3 complete awaiting commission
6 in final structures and systems assembly
12 cores in Foundry/forging

Sampan IV Class Corvette

8 awaiting commission
16 in final structures and systems assembly
16 cores in foundry/forging

Landmark Class Destroyer (LKX-001)

Landmark Class Destroyer (Space Background)

Landmark Class Destroyer

0 awaiting commission
2 in final structures and systems assembly, (projected completion of structures and systems installation, June 2 3051, and July 8, 3051)
0 cores in Foundry/Forging (awaiting sea trials results of the Ioto prototypes per procurement document 3050/07/19A, contract 8871415)

Kowloon Naval Shipyard Boojum:

Landmark block 1: 4 vessels awaiting commission
4 in final structures/systems assembly
8 cores laid down from the foundry

Sampan IV Class Cutters:

8 awaiting commission/assignment

24 in Final structures/systems assembly
24 cores in Foundry/forging processing and inspection

Sampan III Class Cutter

16 awaiting crew assignment (see document attachment 7A)
16 awaiting commission inspection
32 cores in final structural assembly/systems integration
32 cores in Foundry/forging processing

LKX-001 program is a private venture financed within the Melissia theater command, vessels have been provisionally accepted as a stopgap until RX-80 program trials have completed. Notably, the LKX program shows a rather weak design, undergunned and over-engined, simulations suggest this type will not last past the acceptance trials for the Cruiser program.

RX-80-"Avalon" class Cruiser awaiting acceptance trials and competitive trials against...
RX-81-"Mjolnir" class proposal
"Ian Davion" class light corvettes are confirmed to be a slightly modified copy of the Sampan IV, fitted to work per AFFS/N doctrines and otherwise a line-for-line copy of the Sampan IV light corvette

Based on information gathered by ROM, the main bottleneck in the Federated Commonwealth's naval expansion remains lack of qualified personnel to man vessels. Economic projections suggest this pace of construction can not continue, and as much as seventy percent of existing vessels in-work will not be completed by the end of 3052, and as many as seventy percent of THOSE will not be completed at all, their spares and fittings will have to be scavenged to complete the ones they CAN complete. (See [document redacted] for details.

The Kowloon naval shipyard presents a problem, as Our Blessed Order has had a great deal of difficulty in gaining access to the site or personnel, and unlike the larger, more productive and prominent yards, identifying external contractors has proven difficult in the extreme, sourcing for these numbers has come from sources on Tharkad at the LCAF headquarters Mount Asgard Naval annex.

The greatest problem has proven to be that much of the production is merely projected, as the bulk of Sampan or Ian Davion vessels are being contracted by reserve forces that do not report directly to central commands as they have not been 'activated' by the National Command Authorities of either member state of the Federated Commonwealth. Sources at projected recipient agencies report all documentation as being kept deliberately off of HPG network traffic, with funding being obfuscated for all financial records from exposure to either Comstar Bank, or Comstar Communications.

Political pressure is being exerted to adjust these programs to something more in line with the policies of our blessed order. This report is compiled in part from successes in that effort.

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