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The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye (Cover Art)

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Chapter 60 - The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye[]

"Those tactics are not impossible..."

"......they are merely unlikely." Lynn McKenna pushed the imagery to the side and regarded her visitor. "Very unlikely, but not impossible."

"Unlikely, how??"

"The jump transitions based on this? they had to disable their safety interlocks, and they had to have the kind of jump computers even we do not make." Lynn explained, "the lead ship, this Tabiranth? Emerged from a twenty minute lagrange point balanced between asteroids. That is a six kilometer wide zone that exists for twenty minutes every twenty four hours or this case, 'or more' applies, that is a six kilometer volume that has to be hit precisely from long put it in terms that are clearer?"

She tapped her panel, "To do the something on a similar scale? you would have to intentionally knock down a single machine-gun bullet, with a Class Two autocannon, at extreme range, in the dark, during an earthquake, without using your targeting computer. It is hypothetically possible, with examples in the past of people doing it successfully...but this force of Lyran ships did it five times in the same engagement, with five different ships, meaning they have a method that is repeatable."

"How hard would it be to replicate?" he asked.

Lynn shrugged, "I do not hate my life, Clan, or trothkin enough to attempt it-those points are suicide points-a fact known since the days of the first pathfinder missions...but if I did? the requirements would demand some of the best minds in the Clans to pull it off. Not Merchant-captains, and certainly not warriors until the technique is proven. You need Scientist caste specialized in KF theory and advanced calculus to even make the attempt. say, Astrophysicist subcaste might be able to manage the necessary tasks to even prepare to attempt it."

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