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The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye (Cover Art)

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Chapter 54 - The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye[]

"The BattleRoms provided by CJF Hazen's Prize...

...were explicit, the testimony of the Merchant-castemen reporting to the Clan was worse.

The Lyrans had flipped the game board, demonstrating a shockingly effective and worse, Competent Naval force.

The equipment wasn't truly inferior, to get those results, and the tactics were momentarily baffling. Khan Elias Crichell himself reviewed the images brought back by the only ship to escape the Blackjack ambush.

"This is baffling." was the reaction in his gut-the relic Lola was an older model, and should have been easy meat for a Black Lion under one of the Clan's most experienced commanders. The gunboats that arrived with it? They were pathetic updates of a design that had gone out of production before the Star League itself had formed.

The coordination, precision, and aggression were what drew his eye-that, and their seeming immunity to damage.

The Lyrans had done something that should have been logically impossible-they had taken, and either destroyed or captured a front-line Clan Galaxy almost whole, along with warship escorts.

"The plans must be revisited...and we need to secure expertise we do not have to analyze what this record shows."

"That will not go well with the ilKhan.", his saKhan commented.

"I know, but this is new, it was not in the records or reports fromt the scouting operation, and it has not shown up before, it is new. we need to find the place where they are building or obtaining this fleet, we need to eliminate it from being a factor...and we need to find out if anyone else has fielded such a naval force in this manner."

There was already a meeting scheduled to discuss the progress of Operation Revival in October. "Put the Watch on this, find these ships, find out how many they actually have and what their capabilities actually are."

It will be needed for the Council meeting in October.

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