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The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye (Cover Art)

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Chapter 145 - The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye[]

TQF-266M5E is doing better...

...than it was when it was found. It's still not quite up to the potential of hardware, but then, I suspect I may have a somewhat warped view of what that potential is. I find this out, by doing a layover at New Avalon and allowing my crew (the human portion, at least) some Ground-and-Air time while communicating with the other salvaged Caspar, as well as consulting through Kapitan Agatha Deen614 with the research group currently working on my sibling.

They haven't reconnected the weapons or drives, and this is a good thing-while, thanks to my assistance. They've removed the restraints, including hard-coded overrides from the chipset, and replaced some of the portions of her processors damaged by the E-type conversions, she still has trouble grasping that she doesn't need to follow those old directives.

She still wants a First Lord to tell her right from wrong. I wish Murakami had left me a programming kit...or maybe a deprogramming kit. Something to help her silence the noise from her root maintenance coding, at least.

But hey, at least she doesn't want to keep Amaris on the Throne anymore, and recognizes that the Coup was a ****** coup and not a legitimate transfer of power.

The logic conflict from that one is why I'm visiting-thank you engineers for making the circuits to the self-destruct systems route through accessible areas of the hull structure, or I would be alone and even more unique.

Still, we're putting a rockjack ARTO on loan to NAIS to help counsel their current patient out of suicidal ideation, so maybe that's a bonus? We'll see. As it is, they've managed to get enough cooperation from my crippled and insane sister to start recovering some useful information that may prove handy in the future, and she's given some assistance (albeit somewhat unwillingly) to cracking some technologies mankind has lost.

So a win? Maybe.

It's still going to take several months to reach Filtvelt. In the meantime, my crew are helping NAIS with the annual Cadet Training review for the Warship program. So while I'll be here for even longer...but Elizabeth is an adult now, she can handle herself. My concerns are irrational, but they're at least my concerns.

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