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The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye (Cover Art)

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Chapter 129 - The Glow of a Worm inside a Child's Eye[]

"You let Arthur go haring off into the Davion Outback...

...and now his ex-girlfriend is planning some kind of obscure, mad-science scheme, Victor." Katherine Steiner-Davion was almost beside herself. "Who can we trust to examine this stuff? this is why we need to do more communicating."

"I'm aware." His Majesty, Victor Ian Steiner-Davion, Archon-Prince of the Federated Commonwealth rubbed his temples. "Mom wasn't kidding, this job sucks."

"Do you have anyone who can interpret this stuff?" she asked him.

"Banzai maybe..." Victor suggested.

"No, Victor. Doctor Banzai isn't even on this level, but I think I know someone..." she said suggestively.

Victor looked up, "Who?"

"Comstar." she said, "Comstar has labs, and advanced physics people, Victor." she stated, "AND, they have a motive to get in your good graces after the last few years of mole-hunts, also they have a reason because of their little schism-they need as much credibility as they can get, and they're a critical element in the war against the Clans."

"We can't trust them, saw the same reports I did from the Lohengrin Special Units and MIIO."

"I know, but while we can't trust them, we Can use them." she suggested, "It's the right move."

He mulled it over. "Risky." he said.

"I know it is...but you need trained people to go over her proposals, and look! it's all expensive theoretical work that even NAIS hasn't cracked, but maybe in the archives of the largest information outfit in human space, they might have someone with the background to at least try and make sense of this...stuff."

"I'm still going to have Dr. Banzai and his people look this stuff over first, we'll keep your suggestion as a backup, okay??" Victor decided. "If they can't dope it out, then we'll call in outside help."

"That's all I'm asking." Katherine smiled.

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