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The Great and The Good (Chapter Cover Art)

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The Great and The Good (A_Great Captain_Roberts Tale!!)

Chapter 7 - Maintenance


Items on the OWS Evanescent turned out to be largely in good shape, with the exception of much of the relic ground-gear and the embarked powered armor suits.

THOSE showed a lot of damage, most of it depot-level damage beyond the operator's level work that was documented and obvious.

To Callieah Snow Raven, this was almost criminal. "They put to space without a Suit tech?? and they are going into the field in this condition?"

Lori shrugged silently as the armorer-subcaste tech examined one of the suits that has 'gone to shore' with Captain Roberts.

"...denaturing plates, myomer wear."

"Can you fix it?" Lori asked.

"Yes, and you need to put the warrior who did this on remedial!" Callieah stopped, "Parts will be a problem. This is the older, Mark-Twenty suit model, not the Twenty-Ones that went on Exodus, quiaff?"


"Then the right and proper fix is an upgrade." Callieah snorted, "Either to something newer and…decent…or at least to Mark Twenty One standard. The Twenties were notorious for system faults and structural failure after hard use. I would recommend something more current, but this ship is not technically in the Warrior Caste supply system, and I presume you want to retain the PLSS and EMU capabilities, quiaff?"


"I have the ability to make the necessary updates, if your chit clears with the Merchant Caste…which it should. Show me the weapons."

Like the suits, the older Mauser rifles were worn and used, but…"Operator level maintenance was done, wonder-of-wonders. The nine-twenties were what we based the twelve hundred on-in concept, anyway, a backdate that removed the silly 'survival kit' in the stock in favor of a better energy storage…yep, the pin-outs are the same as a twelve-hundred for the powerpack. Again, use your chit with the Merchies to draw packs for the twelve hundred to replace these five hundred year old battery units before they fail in the field, the voltages and amperage are the same-not a lot of change in the rifle's power draw except yours will take longer to exhaust the new packs than they did with the old models-the improvement was energy storage, not output, with these."

Ships run on details. While Larry was sorting applications and the Captain was doing her required therapy time. Lori had run of the ship, and was using that time to sort out 'details' as acting quartermaster.

Including getting a badly needed coolant flush to the HPG installation and servicing done using the servicing chit granted by the Loremaster and the President.

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