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The Great and The Good (Chapter Cover Art)

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The Great and The Good (A Great Captain Roberts Tale!!)

Chapter 19 - Dragons


Seron watched them. He was supposed to meet with Larry and the rest in town, but he'd wanted to see for himself what Roberts had retaken while he'd been shepherding captured JumpShips to be allocated, and working with Government Services to place the victims rescued at Devil's Breath.

Four man EVA teams with nuclear limpet mines were NOT on the brochure. The concept that, having had their request denied, The Republic might send an action team to destroy the Erinyes, simply made common sense, it made sense to Loremaster Howe, and it made common sense to Seron.

And lo! Here we go.

"Larry, are you getting this?" he asked.

"I see 'em, you thinking sub-contractors with ex-war gear?"

"Fits. those adaptations on the Purifier suit spoil the inherent stealthing, and the emissions on their ECM is last generation. How close do we let them get?"

"Your colleagues in the security section are still pretty upset the Watch is taking this one…I'm going to say, we have them red-handed now, Lori doesn't seem to disagree."

Seron smiled, and signaled the rest of the marine team. Their Aerie suits were part of the updating package-better than the older model Nighthawks for this kind of work, and only a single current generation behind the improved models in use by the Snow Raven Touman.

The third team had already been picked up in downtown, recovering their gear, and were already in custody, already confessing, their mission to provide an early retirement for President Avellar via high explosives had been caught by counterintelligence assets in the Watch that had been warned ahead of time by simple dint of having a source recruited by the broker backing this.

There aren't a lot of states that could recruit, organize, fund and transport three strike teams into the Raven alliance within less than a six month lead time. To do so, requires deep penetration of communications networks, deep pockets, and the ability to arrange for fast turnovers at jump points in a pseudo-command-circuit, something that is incredibly costly.

It's also remarkably noisy for people watching those routes with a native suspicion. After what happened in the Clan Homeworlds, Clan Snow Raven's Watch has been quite a bit more aware of possible intrusions by anyone's intel services. Especially given what the Star Adders did to their people.

In this case, it paid off.

Seron's team hit simultaneously-pulse lasers and fragmentation rockets hit the attackers and scattered them, damaging suit EMU's and Life support add-ons, before moving in to take the limpets, and 'guide' them away from the yard's structures.

The Ambush went off perfectly.

What about the team Samuel's taking to the Captain's homeworld?"

"They should be arriving this evening. With luck, he'll get there before anything happens."

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