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The Great and The Good (Chapter Cover Art)

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The Great and The Good (A Great Captain Roberts Tale!!)

Chapter 18 - The Great

The doors…

...flew open. Desmond initiated, as the first pops and flashes happened. He ducked the host body, and started her feet moving clearing the wooden stage, letting the bullets pass over and under her shoulder. A hand snagging a mic stand, momentum used this to redirect past the next bullet. The base of the stand deflecting one 9mm upward, another downward.

The mic-stand caught the first shooter across the throat.

.35 seconds and counting.

Crushing his windpipe, and slamming him backward into the second man coming in, an action accompanied by her boot to the first man's gut, shooter two got the base of the microphone stand straight into his filter mask, hard enough to drive the materials into the face behind them, and more importantly, temporary leverage with the slamm and shove, to twist his face upward beyond the limits of the cervical vertebrae holding head to body.

.37 seconds…

She was outdoors, recovering the first shooter's submachine-carbine and emptying it into a third member of the team at 'splashes on you' distance, groin, legs, and throat.

.40 seconds…

Pain edit left side gunshot, angle and impact reveals shooter on the other side of the street in a ghillie with emitters, emission spectra are SLDF standard sneak suit jamming.

Stabilize shot, submachine-gun for 20mm above bore axis. From the origin. Editing pain response, consciousness is recovering control, aimed shot.

.42 seconds thermal spray, target likely neutralized.

Suppressing pain response, left lung, muscular contraction to limit blood flow into lung tissue left side.

.50 seconds, second shot, miss. Triangulating based on angle and damage, likely 7.5mm Federated Standard rounds fired at less than 100 meters, back of a pickup in the lot of the feed and seed across the street.

Pistol acquired from terminated enemy, Sternsacht Special, 10mm backup, compensating, empty 10 rounds into target area now.

1 seconds from initiation.

Thermal spray and screaming from the back of the truck.

1.5 seconds from initiation, pain suppression active, adrenal booster active, consciousness active, crossing the street at a sprint.

2 seconds, rifle muzzle identified, 5 rounds rapid into thermal shadow behind it.

Screaming stops. Evaluate situation, Identify next probable target…

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