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The Silent Black Ocean (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 8 - The Silent Black Ocean[]

Spider's Moon Coast Guard Station
Boojam Gas Giant Orbital System
Kowloon Star System

185 civilians recovered, one Merchant class Jumpship with a Union and Mule DropShips docked to it.  The Jumpship wasn't on the ownership register, but the Union's markings matched a string of hit-and-fade attacks all along the coreward periphery. The Tribunal held prior to the executions was by-the-book.

So why wasn't Admiral Dao Goldsmith happy?

It was a clean bust, by the book, but we could've questioned the sons of bitches. she decided.  The way to break a Piracy ring, or slaving ring, or any organized crime, was to hit the distribution network and roll it up to the bosses and financiers.

"Commendation...for the crew of Cutter 4143, KCGS Chie Hong, the rescue of one hundred eighty five civilian lives, and the return" hmm... "...strategically important sovereign neighbour." there.

She hit 'send'.  Hui knows better than to waste that opportunity, but she's limited in what she can do out there. Especially with their tender already loaded down with prep activities.

One copy went to the restored 'Wolfnet' HPG network, that would in turn be sent to Tharkad. To the Sea Fox command staff, along with the case files submitted by the officers on the scene.  One was sent by black-box relay direct to 9th Cutter Division for delivery to the Chie Hong.  The third was sent to records at Vin Drin Lap.

This gave the CNO of the Coast Guard time to look at her annual reportage to Mount Asgard. Over the last twenty years, the job was mostly forwarding candidate files for officer-transfers to the LCN. Lately LIC had been asking for reports on activity in the Periphery itself, some of those reports were going to go to LIC, some to LCN's strategic operations group, and the weird ones, she was sure, would wind up on Clarissa Ngo's desk at Special Operations.

"Today...nothing much to report..." she muttered.  She appended it to the compiled files, along with personnel rosters and promotion lists.

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