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Chapter 26 - The Silent Black Ocean[]


When your neighbor's barn is burned by arsonists,
all feuds are off the table.
The Fire must be Fought.

-Ia Drang proverb.


The Silent Black Ocean (Chapter Cover Art)

Unity City, Terra
Sol Star System
Wolf Empire

"savashri..."  Alaric breathed.

"We have four years." Admiral Sharon Ngo stated, "Four years to get as many people out of there as possible."

Yori Kurita studied the expanding projection of the artificial supernova's blast wave.  "The Draconis Combine will participate." she said, "If the Lyrans will."

Interstellar Explosion

5 Light years from Strana Mechty Star System.

"We're going." Trillian Steiner-Davion stated, "mein gott..."

"The Confederation will participate." Danai Centrella-Liao stated, "If House Davion will also contribute."

"We're going." Julian stated.

"I'm thinking we should've tried harder to take the Alshain and the Rasalhague intact." Fleet Admiral Emily Falcone mourned.

"Too late for regrets."  Nikol Marik stated.  "The Free Worlds League has a number of new Atreus class vessels nearing completion, by deleting the armaments and converting some of the flight decks to steerage quarters we can have transport vessels available in one year to boost the lift, but details...where are we settling them?"

"Wherever we can." Trillian stated.  "We'll worry about details once it's done."

Alaric cleared his throat, "SO...we are putting the...'band' back together? the Star League, Quiaff?"

"Let's see where we are in four years, ilKhan Ward." Sharon said, "Whoever did this, they're going to probably come for us next."

"And your argument against forming a formal alliance is..?"

"I don't have one." Sharon confessed, "Em?"

"All vectors lead to Terra." Emily said, "Highness?"

"We're short some seats." Trillian stated.  "The Commonwealth supports the idea in principle...but this is an emergency situation with billions of lives on the line, an entire culture and civilization in peril, with serious ramifications not only for their survival, but our own.  There is an enemy out there, that doesn't hesitate to blow up suns."

"The original states of the Star league are present." Nikol Marik stated, "I call this meeting of the Star League Council to order, our first order of business, is the nomination of a First Lord pro-tem."

"Who does the Honorable Captain-General nominate for this critical position?" Yori asked.

"I nominate the Honorable Khan Alaric Ward of the Wolf Empire for the post of acting First Lord.  Is there a second?" she asked.

Julian stood, "I second the nomination...with reservations, but I second it.  He holds Terra, and that has manna for the people we're going in to save."

"Are there other nominations?" Nikol asked.

"I nominate Trillian Steiner." Yori said, "She has had the vision, consistently, to see this coming, the resources to build the navy we need to make it happen, and the strength of character not to nominate herself."

"Is there a second?"

"I second Trillian Steiner." Alaric said, "I can do that, quiaff?"

"Of course."

"We need the Taurians and the Canopians." Trillian said, "The last Star League Council seated them as well...and what does Rasalhague say?"

Prince Miraborg frowned, "Very little until we are actually voting."

"Are there other nominations?" Nikol asked.

"Only the obvious one." Alaric stated, "You took charge, Nikol."

"I'm just taking minutes." Nikol said, "I have enough handling the mass of contrary interests in my own realm.  If nominated, I will step down immediately."

This got a chuckle from Danai, who jabbed her friend in the ribs, "Slacker. The Confederation moves that we vote with two absentee-we have sufficient quorum here."

"All in favor of the vote?" Nikol asked.

Six hands went up in the affirmative.

"Opposed? motion carried.  Candidates are Trillian Steiner-Davion, Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth, and ilKhan Alaric Ward of the Wolf Empire, show of hands for Trillian?"

Yori and Alaric raised theirs.

"For Alaric?"

Miraborg, Julian Davion, Danai Centrella Liao, and Nikol raised theirs.

"Motion carries, congratulations First Lord Alaric Ward of the Wolf Empire."

"I require one of your Admirals, Archon Steiner." Alaric said, "To organize and plan this massive humanitarian operation."

"Which one?" Trillian asked.

"The Star League Navy requires the services of Admiral Sharon Elizabeth Ngo to serve as over-all Naval commander." he stated.

"Done." Trillian said.

"We have a powerful bit of work to be doing." He added.


The Silent Black Ocean has finished, the next major story arc continues with the The Armada.

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