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The Silent Black Ocean (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 25 - The Silent Black Ocean[]

Clan Cobra Interrogation Room
Idrmach Star System
Chainelane Isles, Deep Periphery
September, 3165

On the holostage, the star was average looking ordinary. The swirling mass surrounding it, moved according to orbital mechanics...

Then, the mass lit.  A billion little engines, diving inward on fusion flames.

The star's light dimmed, and then, it brightened in a silent explosion.

Interstellar Explosion

Uninhabited Star System, 5 Light years from Strana Mechy

"This was how far out?" Christine asked.

"Five Light Years from Strana Mechty." Star Captain Joseph Khatib stated.  "The shockwave will reach the Pentagon worlds in a decade."

"Annihilating everything more complex than a virus." Christine breathed.  "They blew up a star to kill you know why?"

He shook his head. "Negative."

"How many did you leave behind?" she asked suddenly.


"How many did you leave behind?" she asked, "How many of your people are going to burn because you don't have the lift to evacuate them in time?"

"Millions." he said.

"That is unacceptable." She stated.  "I need to call home. You need to show this, we have very little time for a lift that big, but if we get it in motion in time. I need to speak with Admiral Ngo."

"Admiral Ngo?" asked the Star Captain.

"Sharon, Elizabeth's granddaughter. She's got the knack for this and enough pull to get cooperation on our end. Millions will die if we don't...or is it billions?"  her left hand snaked out and caught his uniform jacket, "Is it billions, Star Captain? How many did you have to leave behind? How long ago did this happen?"

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