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The Silent Black Ocean (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 23 - The Silent Black Ocean[]

Clan Cobra Interrogation Room
Idrmach Star System
Chainelane Isles, Deep Periphery
September, 3165

"If you harm her, I will rip your arms off and shove them up your rectum."

Gary said it as a simple fact, facing his own interrogator with his hands folded in aplomb, his EI tattoos slick with sweat.

"You are a Trueborn, Quiaff?"  the warrior across the table from  him asked.


"What line?"

"Hazen." he said, "My gene-mother was Kleia of the line of Elizabeth.  My Genefather was from the Icaza line."

"Impressive pedigree.  You are not bloodnamed, quineg?"

"Neg.  The tags say 'Falcone' because that is the default for Trueborns of Falcon lineage in Hue, and the paperwork for Inner Sphere militaries requires a surname, earned or not."

"So you are a Kowloon Abjured?"

"Neg.  I was captured, after evading the destruction of my Clan due to Malvina's mad folly...which is another reason not to seek to claim that bloodname." he rumbled.

"What is your relationship with the fem?" the warrior asks

"Christine defeated me in single combat and accepted my bondholder. When that is no longer the accepted practice after Malvina's treacheries-she brought me back to the honor road...and if you harm her, I will tear you and this whole facility down with my bare hands if necessary in reprisal-or die trying."

"Why such loyalty? You are among the Clans again, and yet you make such...florid threats on behalf of a mere Spheroid-and a cripple at that."

Gary studied the Elemental across from him.  "You wish an explanation? Very well.  Imagine someone who will run into a fire to save a stranger. Who does not ask for honors or glory. Who will challenge a combat-hardened Elemental twice her mass, a man with nothing left to lose for people who denigrate her faith and her heritage.  I want you to imagine someone willing to place their life and faith on the line, constantly, without complaint. For those too vain and ungrateful to even comprehend the, imagine that character in someone who is also a cunning and resourceful fighter, who will risk their life to prevent a death."

He laid his palms on the desk, "She is truly good.  Not just 'honorable', but good...and if you harm her. I will harm a disproportionate measure in reprisal or die trying.  I will do this, because she has made it possible for me to be better."

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