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The Silent Black Ocean (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 13 - The Silent Black Ocean[]

The Cutter, KCGS Morgan Icazz
Unspecified Region of Space

"Good god, Christine, you made him a Bondsman?"

"Aye, sirrah." she answered.  "I did.  Are you going to report this?"

"I have to." Commander Ira Buhallin-Hawk said.  "I doubt you will be permitted to keep him. At minimum he will have to transfer to Spider Moon for training and he is old."

''"Sirrah, all due respect, I was a kid when the Falcons were broken. He's the same age as my dad...but Coast Guard reg says I can offer him a bond as an honorable alternative to arrest if it gets him to not kill civilians, and that's what I did."

"I will support it if it comes to a review." Ira told her, "Where will you be settling him?"

"I'm thinking he can immigrate to Hue once his five's up if he doesn't stay in, Sir." she said.

"Get him kitted and start working him through basic apprenticeship. We are not going back to Spider Moon, but instead we are set to rendezvous with LCN Second Fleet in sixty days."

"Aye, Sirrah."

"And find him a bunk!" barked Commander Buhallin-Hawk

"Aye sirrah!"

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