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The Broken Commonwealth (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 39 - The Broken Commonwealth[]

Dire Situation[]

Spider Moon Coast Guard Naval Station
Gas Giant Boojan, Kowloon System
Lyran Commonwealth
December 3149

"...they didn't order those, your Grace." Admiral told her Duchess

"I don't care," Sharon said, "are the ships are ready, yah?"

"They are, just waiting on crew."

"Can we find ferry crews for them?" she asked.

"We've got those, no problem, but to meet full manning requirements-"

"****** full manning, Whoever the Archon's got can take the ****** things to war." Sharon snapped, "I want those hulls en-route tonight, call it a 'surprise delivery' to Coventry.  If the gods-damned Estates General didn't cut the procurement request that's where they would have been going anyway."

"I don't understand, Your Grace, you just abstained from comment and made a pretty good case for leaving, and you're still going to send materiel to the Commonwealth?"

"Let me lay it out for you-if the Falcons are fighting the Commonwealth, then they're leaving us alone." Sharon said it savagely, "Given how things look out there, Steiner's going to need the ships sooner rather than later. If we're very lucky Charles Darwin will step in, and help us out in the event the Assembly votes to remain a Lyran world...and we're going to need contacts on the outside if they DO vote to secede."

"Yes ma'am..."

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