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The Broken Commonwealth (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 37 - The Broken Commonwealth[]

Aftermath of the Battle of Kowloon[]

Conference Room
Space Station in the Snark L1 Point
Gas Giant Snark, Kowloon System
Lyran Commonwealth
December 3149

8 days after the sinking of the Warship, CHS Armageddon

"It's everything Grandma wanted." Sharon said, addressing the Citizen's Assembly.  "Our world governs itself, without needing a 'noble' to muck things up."

She braced her palms on the podium, "You've proven I'm not needed to keep things going here at home.  It's...beautiful in a sense, constitutional government restored after five long centuries dormant.  I didn't do this, you did, I didn't win a great victory against an invader, you did.  and Elizabeth, my grandmother, would be so proud of what you've accomplished!  Proud to be part of it.  But the work isn't finished yet."

She took a deep breath, "We are surrounded by enemies still, the Archon has chosen to bend the knee to a Wolf Empire, and the Jade Falcons have degenerated into genocidal maniacs. All in meanwhile, the Republic of the Sphere is back to doing their sick diseased tricks. These tricks are designed to break everyone and bring them to heel under Old Terra's crushing boot once more."

She shuffled a few sheets of flimsy, "It is important to remember, in these times, that we are not alone. There still remain some who would fight for a Nation worthy of their courage. Who would sacrifice, if they had a nation worthy of that sacrifice. Who would, at the very least, stand with their neighbors against the coming darkness and madness.  Every year, since 3067, someone has brought up on this floor the possibility-the legal possibility of Kowloon exercising their Section 32 part nine rights and seceding. In the past, I have argued against this, as did my mother, and my grandmother."

She looked at the assembled delegates, "This year, with the introduction of the same bill as last  year, I have nothing to say.  No recommendations.  Should we stay, or should we go?"

She gave an exaggerated shrug, "I don't have an answer.  The time I spent working for Archon Trillian, trying to reform and rebuild a broken service, and the lessons learned dealing with the epidemic, endemic, malignant, pervasive and pernicious mix of incompetence, corruption, nepotism, and apathy on the National level, in the midst of an invading army of degenerate, genocidal maniacs? I refuse to lend my voice either in support of secession, or in support of continuing to support the Commonwealth as the Archon bends the knee and kisses the ring of a Wolf Clan Warlord."

She sighed, "I will honor and support the outcome of this coming vote, regardless of which way it goes. With all the determination left to me, and all of my family's resources...but the choice of staying or going is not mine to make.  It's yours."

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