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The Broken Commonwealth (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 28 - The Broken Commonwealth[]

Hyperpulse Message[]

From: Ngo, Sharon E., Fleet Admiral/CNO Lyran Commonwealth Navy To: Steiner-Davion, Trillian Archon, Lyran Commonwealth CC: Ward, Alaric (Steiner) Archon, Lyran Commonwealth/Khan, Wolf Empire Steiner, Rheinhardt, Commanding General, Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces

RE: Administrative Efficiencies.

I'm Done.  Appoint who you want, but I'm done, stepping down now.  I can not and will not serve multiple masters with conflicting strategic objectives, directives, and procurement systems.  It is not my place to tell you to get your shit together and decide which war we're fighting, who's in charge, or what the end-state goals are, nor am I inclined to be a participant in fratricidal civil war conflict while you emulate Victor and Katherine with less money and more blood in order to settle a simple matter of chain of command.

In the last six months since the Battle of Gibbs, I have been presented with a constant stream of conflicting instructions, sometimes (often) presented by the same Liaison officers, bombarded in my office by rent-seeking nobles and unqualified trueborns seeking command positions in the reorganized naval branch, often bearing letters or orders from each of your offices.  I have been bombarded by petitioners and my staff have had their operations repeatedly interrupted.

The most recent such interference has come with demands that existing construction programs be altered to serve as transport vessels for ground units-a role that is not in deficit with either LCAF formations, nor Clan Wolf's Touman.  Additionally, letters of requisition from LCAF, Clan Wolf, and associated agencies have transferred naval stores to unknown locations, only for those items (tracked by stock number) to appear later on merchandise sites for sale to the arms market.  When evidence has been presented, Lohengrin and LIC have essentially laughed off those concerns or have presented walls marked 'Classified' with the authority of your respective offices.

It is not within the remit of this office, to pursue and shut down these blatant problems, I don't have the authorization or authority, and I don't have the time to waste.  Since this is wasting time, and is fundamental to the poor performance exhibited by line forces under my supervision, the fault must, by simple elimination, lie with me.

So, I'm done.  Get someone else, I resign.

Sharon Elizabeth Ngo
FORMER Chief of Naval Operations,
Lyran Commonwealth Navy.

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