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The Broken Commonwealth (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 27 - The Broken Commonwealth[]

Lyran Commonwealth Navy commissioning report 3147...[]

Active Naval Yards:

  • Gibbs Commonwealth Naval Shipyard
  • Boojum Naval Shipyard (Kowloon)

Total Hulls in Commission by Class:

  • Mjolnir Class Battlecruiser
    LCS Yggsdrasil
    LCS Wotan (Undergoing Refit/Repair post battle, Gibbs NSY, estimated completion date 06/47)

  • Fox Class
    Corvette : LCS Peter Marsden
    LCS Persistent, (Undergoing refit/repair at Gibbs NSY Est. Complete date 04/47)
    LCS Katherine Steiner
    LCS Robert Marsden, (Undergoing Refit/Repair at Gibbs NSY Estimated Complete 06/47)

  • Duchess Class Light Destroyer
    LCS Duchess Elizabeth Ngo
    LCS Duchess Margaret Doons, (Boojum Yards, Kowloon, Estimated completion date 07/48)

  • Foreign vessels under repair

    CWS Bloody Fang, Gibbs NSY complex 4, estimated completion 03/47
    CWS Jerome Winson, Gibbs NSY complex 2, estimated complete date 02/47
    CWS Rogue, Gibbs NSY complex 5, estimated complete date 01/47

Vessels on order:

  • Mjolnir Class
    Fenris, Foreign contract to Clan Wolf, Estimated 30% complete, Delivery date 09/50
    Heimdall, 33% complete, Delivery Date 06/50 (Estimated)

  • Fox Class
    0 hulls ordered, Contract pending, funds allotted for 4 additional vessels

  • Duchess Class
    LCS Duke Morgan Kell, Core completed, hull at 15% complete, Delivery Date 08/48
    LCS Duchess Debra MacAulliffe, Core complete, Hull 45% complete, Delivery Date 07/47
    LCS Duke Ceasar Steiner, Core Complete, Hull 20% complete, Delivery Date 08/47
    LCS Duke Graydon Brewer, Core Complete, Hull at 30%, Delivery Date 06/47
    Funding approval for 12 additional vessels Pending.

Foreign export sales: Blocked.

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