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The Broken Commonwealth (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 22 - The Broken Commonwealth[]

Gibbs Star System, Lyran Commonwealth
October, 3146

One of the advantages of the concentration of naval shipyards at Gibbs, was that some products could be produced or refitted quite rapidly, and designs that could be produced quickly, meant hulls could be pulled out of layup storage and reactivated.

Sampan II Class Cutter in Orbit (Ngoverse)

Sampan II Class Cutter

Archon Andrew Steiner had insisted that the bulk of the Jihad era Kowloonese Coast Guard be turned over once the cure for the Arluna plague had been developed, and Amanda Ngo had complied, sending 72 Sampan II-Class hulls, which had been gradually stripped and broken down over the following decades. Their systems stripped out to provide components for assault dropships or to be recycled for commercial and government use in conventional jumpships.

Out of the 48 of them were still waiting for the breakers when Duchess Sharon Ngo was appointed Chief of Naval Operations for the LCN.

Reactivation and a short-handled refit program began weeks before her arrival at Gibbs. Now, 24 ships were getting their crews, and a mission. All the while the forges are beginning to turn out the core and spine of new Fox class Corvettes, and the stalled work on the larger forges for the Mjolnir class cruisers were finally being finished.

Fox Class Corvette (in orbit from MW3 art revamped)

Fox-Class Corvette

"Cameron.  Westerstede, Horneburg, and Pobeda." she outlined to the now much smaller LCN General Staff.  "These are supply points, staging grounds, and relays for the Falcon Ordun.  They're critical links in terms of enemy activity holding Tharkad, and they're all four within striking range of Gibbs.  We're going to liberate those worlds...or destroy their value to the enemy."

The Broke Commonwealth Map (Surrounding Space Near Tharkad) 3146

Space Map of Tharkad & Gibb Star Systems, 3146.

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