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The Broken Commonwealth (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 2 - The Broken Commonwealth[]

Repair yard, Boojum orbit
Kowloon System
Coventry Providence, Lyran Commonwealth

Decades spent barely operating.  The Disarmament laws meant a lot of the equipment had been moved from here, to Gibbs as the Commonwealth centralized production, leaving only the things too outdated, or too obsolete, to move.

"What's going on?"  Arlen Silverberg-71 asked.

"We're going to break so many laws."  the Duchess was visiting, "Arlen, how many of the coops still have their own processing?"

"I'm not at liberty to-" Arlen began

"Stop. listen to me carefully, one jump away, is a Clan that has lost their ****** minds, in one direction, in another, is a Bandit EMPIRE based in former Rim Worlds space that has been kicking the dogsnot out of the collapsing, under trained, under funded, incompetently led and demoralized Lyran Commonwealth military.  This means we're going to be breaking a whole bunch of laws, I want to know how many laws we can actually violate, to prevent our system from either being overrun by emerald psychopaths, or slave-taking lunatics, because the central government isn't going to help us-they aren't, because They can't."

"We really are on our own?" Arlen asks

She nodded.  "Yes.  We're ******, and nobody is coming to save us.  we have to save ourselves."

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