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The Broken Commonwealth (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 18 - The Broken Commonwealth[]

Jesenice System
Jade Falcon Occupation Zone

The courier vessel arrived and the comm-linke was established.

"This is Brigadier Charles Icaza of the 171st Kowloon Brigade to the Garrison on the world of Jesenice, I am going to offer you a choice and a time limit.  Behind Door number one, is unrestricted warfare in the mold of the Mongol Doctrine as espoused by your Khan, Malvina Hazen.  Keep in mind, I have weapons with continental destruction capabilities, good maps, and geological charts of the planet at my fingertips.  That's option One.  Option Two, Clan Jade Falcon may surrender the planet and system to me and evacuate.  That is option Two.  Option Three, is that you degenerates can uphold the Traditions of the Clan, and bid forth a defending force, holding strictly to Zellbrigen, and maybe keep what you are standing on without having it shot out from under your feet.  You have eighteen hours to broadcast your answer. If you do not, will be Option One.  Icaza out."

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