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The Broken Commonwealth (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 14 - The Broken Commonwealth[]

KCGS Caroline Ngo, Sampan Class Cutter
Alyina System, Lyran Commonwealth
March 24th, 3146

Lt. Commander Anh Mohr-Silverberg93 studied the image carefully.  "Black Lion class, Hull numbers are obscured, but the markings match JFS White Eyrie. It looks like they're taking us seriously."

Black Lion II Class Battlecruiser (Underway)

JLS White Eyrie, Black Lion II-Class Battlecruiser

It had been a profitable month so far. Three systems hit, seven hundred thousand tons of enemy shipping sunk just by Patrol 4 alone.

"Confirm fighters are out, skipper." reported sensor tech

"Of course they are." she said, "They're looking for us.  Gunnery, do you have the range?"

"Twenty two thousand kilometers and receding, Skipper...emergence wave incoming, class three, estimate six seconds."

Class three.  Large jumpship or small warship.

"Stand by, lay out the good silver, I want four torps on vac standby for remote firing."

"Aye mum."

"RTO, send to patrol Lead on blackbox; We have found the White Aerie, give them course and range." she said

"Aye mum, sending now." RTO tech acknowledged the order

Tense minutes passed.

"Message received, orders to follow." comms tech reported

"Confirmed emergence, Clan-modified Star Lord class JumpShip, looks like she's hauling four empty collars, one Carrier class dropship and one assault modified Overlord-C Mech Carrier."

"Send contact report." she ordered.

"Message incoming, 'stand by for action. Ready all combat assets. Mission is to destroy the White Aerie is primary objective, secondary objective to destroy her convoy assets'." comms reported

"Well, you heard the man, action stations action stations. All personnel to combat duty stations, stand by for depressurization!  Fighters and auxiliary craft to launch positions." she ordered

"You know they're going to kick our asses, Mum."

"I'm aware, however, White Aerie is a battlecruiser, a significant investment in manpower and equipment, and she's been used as a sledgehammer by the Falcons, we're duty bound to remove her from the board."

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