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The Broken Commonwealth (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 10 - The Broken Commonwealth[]

Command Center, LCAF HQ
Tharkad, Lyran Commonwealth
Late 3145

"She's re-militarizing? Good!" Trillian Steiner-Davion, the Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth...well, one of them, anyway, snapped.

"Mein Archon, you didn't see her, you didn't hear her, and you aren't listening!"  Ivan LaRue argued, "She's not doing this for you-she believes the Commonwealth to be ungovernable, the nation to have already fallen!!"

"That's not what I hear when I listen to your recording, Ivan." Trillian said, "What I hear, is an echo of another Ngo, from my grandfather's time...but, you may be correct."  she placed the headphones on the desk, "It may be time for the mountain to come to Mohammed.  She rebuffed you, she will not rebuff me."

"You can't be certain of that!" Ivan argued back

Trillian straightened.  "I can be, and I am." she stated.  "Whatever else you may say about her or her family. Be it that they are ruthless, social-climbing, vicious, law-defying, rules-bending, cruel, or psychotic. That family has one guiding fact behind them-loyalty is their foremost virtue."

"This is not the past, Archon!!" he argued.

"We will see." she stated, "We will see."  she folded a pair of gloves and slid them into her pistol belt, "I will visit Kowloon, and see for myself."

"It is not safe!" Ivan pointed out.

"If I can not travel in my own realm in safety, surrounded by my own soldiers. Then we have already lost." Trillian announced, "Therefore, I can, I will, and it will be entirely in safety.  I dare Malvina to take a shot at me.  I will visit a Vassal, and in so doing, remind her of her duties, while rewarding her foresight in carrying them out...or...I will remove the problem," she smiled a winning smile, "but I expect to more likely reward her for her initiative-a trait sorely lacking in the Commonwealth's forces these days."

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