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Chapter 44 - The Absolute Zero[]

Katrina Mercy Military Hospital
Lyons Star System
Lyran Commonwealth

Star Commander Ivar Tseng opened his eyes. Immediately recognized by the lower technology that he was in a spheroid hospital.

"Guten Tag Herr, Star Commander! You're awake!" the girl was a medtech, and between the blue working uniform of the LCAF's medical staff, and her junior rank markers, she had to be a nurse.

"Where am I?" he mumbled after she pulled the throat-tubes out.

"Katrina Mercy Military Hospital, critical care unit three." she said, "We had quite a struggle saving you, herr Star Commander. You were savaged by vacuum exposure as well as burns.  You will take quite a long time recuperating."

" long?"

"It has been ninety four days since you were recovered by search and rescue teams." she explained, "They had a difficult time finding you in the wreckage of your ship."

"We lost." he sadly said.

"Decisively.  I am Helge, I am your assigned therapist."

"We were winning." he said, "How did we lose?"

"You were out-fought." she said, "Your confusion will pass.  You are among the last of your comrades to wake up. For a while, Doctor Scheer was concerned you would not wake up, due to the extent of your injuries."

His hand drifted under the sheet.  It's still there! he thought fiercely.

"Yah, We did not have to repair that part." she said, "Most of your burns were on the upper half of your body.  The skin grafts have taken rather well.  Tomorrow, we will begin the process of re-teaching your body how to move, since you required extensive muscle grafts and bone replacement for the third degree burns you suffered.  Today, we will begin with language and pattern recognition to ascertain if you suffered any serious brain damage, either from the injuries, or the extensive medical treatments we had to use saving your life."

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