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Chapter 39 - The Absolute Zero[]

Lyons Star System
April, 3159

After Battle Report[]

Lyran Commonwealth Navy: LCN Battlegroup 2(of 16)

BB-002: LCS Hermann Steiner (Flag vessel, Fredrick Steiner class Battleship)

Fregatteschwer 5/CB 205: LCS Sudeten (Marsden II class Cruiser) - Destroyed.

Zerstorer Gruppe 5: (Landmark Class Destroyers)
DE 2501A: LCS Praetoria Valley - Destroyed.
DE 2501B: LCS Orombo Rocks - Destroyed.
DE 2501C: LCS Cosler's Glacier
DE 2501D: LCS Rigby's Rift - Jump Drive inoperable, 53% non operational

Fregatteschwer 6/CB 206: LCS Timehri - Maneuver drive inoperative, 71% armor damage, Bridge inoperable, Structural damage to all decks.

Zerstorer Gruppe 6:(Landmark Class Destroyers)
DE 2601A: LCS Golden Lake - Destroyed with all hands
DE 2601B: LCS Minsky's Folly - Maneuver Drives inoperable, A, C, and all aft turrets inoperable. 45% crew casualties.
DE 2601C: LCS Mary's Escarpment -
DE 2601D: LCS Franz Gap -  Bridge and CIC destroyed, secondary controls destroyed, maneuver drive damaged, all forward turrets destroyed, H turret Jam.  Missile Magazine destroyed.

Fregatteschwer 7/CB 207 LCS Mandoaarau (Marsden II class Cruiser) - Portside batteries destroyed, Damage to maneuver drive, damage to primary power-plant, 53% of armor depleted.

Zerstorer Gruppe 7: (Landmark Class Destroyers)
DE 2701A: LCS Mandaoaaru Cay - X turret jammed, Missile magazines expended, damage to A, C, and Y turrets, 11% crew casualties.
DE 2702A: LCS Sydney Bay - A Turret and C turret jammed to portside/lower, X turret and Y turret damaged, Missile magazine expended, 5% crew casualties
DE 2703A: LCS Archon's Land Bluff - Life support inoperable, Bridge destroyed, Engineering sections damaged, 91% armor depletion, 4 structural frames bent.
DE 2704A: LCS Camranh Estuary

Fregatteschwer 8/CB 208: LCS Anembo (Marsden II class Cruiser) - Life support damaged but repairable (est. 33 days to repair), Sensor systems damaged, light damage to flight decks and weapons emplacements, 1 Dropship collar inoperable/requiring replacement, Damage to secondary fuel tanks, damage to Helium-3 storage, crew quarter section damaged, 61% armor depletion Starboard side/forward

Zerstorer Gruppe 8: (Landmark Class Destroyers)

DE 2801A: LCS Calabrazas Mountain - Bow sheared off, loss of A and B turrets, CIC damage, Life Support damage.
DE 2802A: LCS Ortega's Lament -
DE 2803A: LCS New Saigon Peninsula - Main power damaged, loss of 33% of internal power transfer network, X and Y turrets jammed, B turret destroyed.
DE 2804A: LCS Mount Nevermind -

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