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Chapter 37 - The Absolute Zero[]

GBS Alshain
Leviathan Class Dreadnought
Near Asgard Star System
April, 3159

Khan Beckett replayed the declaration of war again, and it didn't get less shocking.

A probe, a raid, a test of their readiness, had instantly jumped straight to a declaration of do-not-pass-go war. 

The reaction violated precedent. Not since 3052, all the precedents were that cross-border raiding was par for the course, that it was accepted and acceptable.

Even the Draconis Combine had only fought defensively thus far, pulling forces from other fronts, but only to hold a line at the very most against Clan aggression.  It was supposed to be a limited conflict!

They are not following the rules, dammit!

Not following the rules...

"What changed the rules?" she muttered.  The comforting answer did not fit-the comforting answer would be the Lyrans' war of annihilation against the Jade Falcons for their Mongol policies-a war even the Dominion had at least tacitly agreed with-Malvina Hazen's madness had brought something like shame on every descendant of Kerensky's vision.

But that wasn't it.

Reports were already beginning to filter in.  The Lyrans had not yet begun landing troops anywhere but, their naval forces were definitely active throughout the Coreward side of the Dominion. Striking naval bases, destroying patrol dropships, stations, and anything they could catch in space.

Their navy is ready for war, their army is not.  It fit...but a declaration of war? Over a raid?

It was almost as if someone had decided that war wasn't a game, and that they weren't playing after all.

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