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Chapter 36 - The Absolute Zero[]

March 30th, 3159


Communication: Send All LCAF/LCN units

At 0830 hours this day, 30 March, 3159, a naval force belonging to the Rasalhague Dominion launched an unprovoked assault on LCN forces in the Lyons system.  It is believed this unprovoked assault was motivated by political pressure from the Republic of the Sphere, for what reasons remain unclear at this time. 

Attempts to contact the Rasalhague government have proven to be unfruitful and no sane or satisfactory explanation has been forthcoming regarding this violation of Lyran territorial integrity.

As this comes on the heels of numerous documented penetrations and assaults by a heretofore unidentified force beginning with attacks in the Arluna, and Winter systems, followed by a multivessel assault on the Sian peace talks that coordinated with a wave of attempted decapitation strikes aimed at participants, witnesses and hosts of those talks in January, and subsequent attempts to attack civilian targets by the same unidentified actors, it is the determination of the Archon that Clan Ghost Bear, and the Republic of the Sphere are working in conjunction with these unidentified assailants, that their objective is the destruction of all sovereign states outside the Republic of the Sphere, and that there is no longer a diplomatic option available.

With Reluctance, all LCAF forces are now on War Footing, and War Plans Maroon, and Gray, are authorized.  All leaves are hereby cancelled, all personnel are to report to their place of duty and to prepare for combat operations.

-Archon Trillian Steiner-Davion


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