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Chapter 24 - The Absolute Zero[]

Capellen Confederation
February 3159 CE

"Witnesses?"  Danai asked.

Trillian Steiner took the pen, and signed the first witness block.

Alaric Ward signed the second.

Nikol signed the third.

Danai signed the last.

"I will give the orders to the Combine Admiralty as soon as I have assured control, the rest of them will follow." Yori Kurita said.

"I'll have my people ready to take up garrisons, try to be quick, huh?"  Julian Davion urged.

"I will be. The Kaga is ready to leave.  Once I am home, I still have two war fronts to deal with...but at least I will not be wasting manpower fighting insurgents and a third front."

"The Wolf Empire will be dealing with relieving some of that pressure, Coordinator." Alaric said.

"Good luck." she said Yori.

"You might regret wishing me that.  Once I have-" Alaric began to say.

"Khan Alaric Ward, don't spoil the moment. You've got a guaranteed secure border on two sides to prosecute your war against Stone." Nikol said, "Be a good winner."

Alaric laughed.  He turned to Trillian.  "When will the Commonwealth come off the fence, Trillian Steiner?"

"When we're damned good and ready." she said.  "I'm not Katherine, I won't flail blindly like Victor, and I won't charge in blindly like Alessandro.  When we're ready. We'll know exactly where to  hit them. I don't want another prolonged series of wars, because I don't want another prolonged series of wars. When we hit them, it will be hard...but we're not ready yet.  We need to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes or we'll just be blowing smoke at the entrance."  she crossed her arms, "Nothing in the former Terran Hegemony is worth it to my people. The future is expanding outward, not contracting inward...that said...I do intend to pay back the people responsible for this and for incidents against my realm-but I will be damned if i strike blindly."

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