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Chapter 15 - The Absolute Zero[]

LCS Buena CB-103
Sian Star System
3159 CE

"Brace! Brace!!"

Sampan III Class Cutter - LCS Buena - in Battle (Ngoverse)

Buena engage in combat during the Battle for Sian

The wave of missiles weren't stopped-it was thinned considerably, but it wasn't stopped.  As they came out of jump & into the fight. The incoming was to be expected, even anticipated.

Forever. Mike dimly felt the vibrations, shockwaves damped because they dumped atmosphere before the jump.

A flash forced him out of the jump-dream and he was standing on an open deck-the CIC was open to space.  He looked to his left, he saw that the Kapitan ended at her waist. The sheer power of whatever had burrowed through three decks to blow them open to space had killed her.

"Engineering, report!"  He bellowed over suit frequencies, "Do we still have maneuver thrusters?"

He moved from station to station, checking. If the man or woman at a station was still alive, he slapped patch if they needed it. If not, he checked the controls and instruments to see if they were even working.
"Head to auxiliary control." he would order the ones who could move.  If they couldn't, it was probably because they were dead.

The torn open compartment cleared, he moved to engineering, which is also auxiliary control.

"We've got our spin under control, Sir." Lieutenant Commander Shou reported.

"Get casualty reports from all decks. How many weapons systems do we still have?" he asked.

"We've lost most of portside's mounts, Sir. They hit us pretty hard."

"Bring us about and find me something to engage!"

"Ayeh Sar!"

They think they've killed us, let's give them a surprise they're going to remember forever. Michael grimly thought.

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