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Chapter 13 - The Absolute Zero[]

CapCon Navy HQ
Sian Star System
Capellan Confederation
3159 CE
[..Space battle in Sian Star System]

This isn't to say that the Capcon navy was dropping the ball. Within seconds of the first of the attacking stealth fleet being revealed, the Confederation's own defensively placed stealth ships made themselves apparent-by burning into battle with the interlopers.

Jiang-jun My Hao had expected to have to reveal his ships as a result of some act by the Combine or the Davions-or the Clanners.
  This wasn't any of those, but that didn't mean he didn't know what to do.

Engage the interlopers in battle to protect the planet, the chancellor, and the Chancellor's guests...even if that means working with former and planned enemies.

"Offer to link our guests to the battle net!" he ordered.  It was a huge violation of protocols, and his political officer went for her sidearm, but he was faster, shooting the Maskirovka's 'morale officer' Dead. The consequences be damned, he had a mission and no reason to allow someone more concerned with political shit than winning to get in the way.


His bridge officers complied, within seconds he had not just the five foreign vessels, but their dropships, fighters, and small-craft providing network feedback and information on status, sensor detections, everything. A godlike view that revealed a much larger force than he'd once believed possible was bearing down on Sian.

So did the guests, and the station, and the fighter squadrons based around the system.

"We need help." he said, "Communications, request permission from the Chancellor to ask for aid."

"The Chancellor is listening. Yes." Danai Centrella Liao's voice came over the ship's speakers.

In seconds, jump signatures boomed into being, the Wolf and Free Worlds flotillas at 'regular' jump points, but the Lyrans? They came out of nowhere, jumping in at points that almost didn't seem possible for anyone who wasn't as schooled on the theory as he was.

And so were the other four Davion escort carriers, flanked by their Sloops-of-war.

His network grew exponentially, crossed streams of radar and lidar outlining the blanks of sensor-absorbent coatings on the attacking fleet.

"Disrupt my nation's day of mourning? oh, you're going to pay for this..."

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