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Chapter 11 - The Absolute Zero[]

LCS Beagle
Exploration Vessel
Buena Star System
Lyran Commonwealth
3159 CE

[..deep in the Buena Star System]

"Turn up the gain on the sensors." Admiral Ngo had gotten the base's patrols out and every ship in dock, and they were sweeping now. "I've got something."  Lt. Linda Crichell announced, "Range is varying but, the vector's showing a deceleration curve, cold thrust."

Well, the investment in scientific instrumentation is paying off.  "Arm laser batteries and track to the predicted rate of deceleration." she ordered, "Link with the escort units, they can target off our shot if it's stopped."

"Aye mum." Crichell replied

"Fire." Admiral Ngo barked

The Stealth destroyer was briefly lit up-but it was enough for the rest of the wolfpack of cutters to lock onto with missiles.

"Caught you." she said, as hits revealed more of the interloper.  "Nail his engines, I don't want this ****** getting away."


"Cutters 2005 and 2013, ten days surface leave for the marines that take that son of a bitch before he can scuttle."

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