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The Adjudicator Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 9 - The Adjudicator[]

Royal Palace
Tharkad City, Tharkad Star System
August, 3159

[HPG Livenet connection, Rasalhague/Asgard to Tharkad...]

"Lieutenant...Ngo? You're making an awful lot of conjectures here." said the Elected Prince of Rasalhague Dominion.

"My job, Prince, is kind of like that. I work at an agency that is designated to come up with the impossible, prove it to be impossible,and if we can't prove it is impossible we have to figure out how it was done.  Commonwealth naval special operations is like that.  bunkers full of cold-cases and unsolved mysteries, UFO's, spirits, spectors, demonic possession, angelic visitations, and black cats -under-the-bed.  My whole job is working out how the trick was played and debunking frauds.  I've gone over his strategic miracles. I know how he did them, including more than a few that people have overlooked. In my opinion as a veteran detective, Devlin Stone, is a fraud. Unlike your Clan colleagues there on Rasalhague, I have proof I can put in front of a jury."

"If you think you can try Stone for fraud-"

"I didn't say he was a Fraudster. I meant what I said, he is the fraud that was pulled by the Word of Blake's leadership.  The man, himself, is prima facie evidence of a massive crime.  I doubt there is any 'of the man himself' to the man himself, honestly." she crossed her arms, "And I can prove it.  Your predecessors allied to a man who did not and does not exist...a bit like pledging allegiance to a sock-puppet."

She gestured to the PADD on her table, "It's all there, in black and white and full motion color. In those files, everything demonstrating that the man himself is a clone. That he has no history because he had no history.  He's a construct."

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