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The Adjudicator Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 49 - The Adjudicator[]

The Triad
Tharkad City, Tharkad
Lyran Commonwealth

(To be gracious in victory can do more than the most brutal occupation....)

[Transmission between Lyran Commonwealth and the Rasalhague Dominion]

"The Rasalhague Dominion accepts the Lyran Commonwealth's terms for ending this conflict." announced Khan Tseng via interstellar transmission.

Trillian Steiner-Davion leaned back and sighed. Thank god. she thought. "I will have Admiral Falcone begin withdrawal of our forces from your space." she said, "And I will authorize financial and technical assistance in restoring your transportation and economic network." she told her Rasalhague, Khan via HPG

"You will...what??" Tseng said

"Rebuild your shipyards. We will help you replace your transport vessels and restore your commerce." Trillian said, "Without demanding anything from you beyond a quiet border.  Historically, The Rasalhague people and my own have been friends.  I want that status to return.  Trade and Stability, Khan Tseng." she said, "Trade is more stabilizing than tribute, and that frontier has seen too many pointless wars."

It took you all long enough. she didn't say.  "I hope to meet your ambassador as soon as you have chosen one.  There will be a great many things to discuss-I have no intention of holding a fleet over your heads longer than is necessary to restore things to the ante bellum condition."

"You make no new demands?" asked the Khan Tseng.

"We only want what we asked before. That your military defends your nation and does not attack others." she said, "For that we will lift the blockade, help undo your hurt, and open trade on even terms.  Trade duties will be reciprocal. The Commonwealth will not tax your traders any more than you tax ours. There will be free movement and a mutual recognition of a standard of basic rights for civilians, and neither of us attacks the other.  A quiet border and peace, Khan Tseng, for as long as we can keep it.  The Commonwealth is prepared to be generous and magnanimous in this matter, if you are willing to be decent and keep your reputation for honorable conduct."

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