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The Adjudicator Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 48 - The Adjudicator[]

Councel Meeting Room
Rasalhague Dominion

['s as important to know when to stop fighting, as it to know...]

The Clan army had guaranteed Rasalhague's safety since the union and they'd failed.  Commerce within the Dominion was strangled. Our worlds are losing ground, planetary industries are dying, and the populations of dozens of worlds in the Dominion were dependent on foreign aid workers bringing food and medicine through the Lyran blockade.

"We are devolving."  Elected Prince Hjalmer Miraborg said.

Khan Linnette Tseng, the new Khan having replaced the Last Khan, nodded.  "We are."

"Do you have any means to offer to lift this damned blockade, Khan?" the Prince asked.

She groaned, "No, we do not.  The scientists have some ideas, but resources can't be moved. They're theories and inventions can't be produced as long as our logistics network remains paralyzed...and I do not have the means to lift that paralysis."

Miraborg brought up a screen.  "We will begin losing worlds soon.  The spirit of the people is strong, but strong spirits do not fill empty bellies. If the military can not solve this problem. We can not restore the Dominion's interconnection and its trade. Other options must be sought."

"It is not a military solution."

"Will the Warriors resist?" he asked.

"Some." she said, "Most will resent it, but as you said; We can do nothing with this blockade and adaptation is not proving successful."

He turned to the assembled delegates of the government.

"There you have it, the facts.  It is my recommendation that we withdraw from the Republic pact."  The words were a bit like eating feces, an admission of defeat with almost no battles fought.

"The High Command concurs." the new Khan of Clan Ghost Bear stated.  The largest and most powerful ground military in the Inner Sphere had been paralyzed and defeated without a single battle on the ground.

"Cast your votes."

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