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The Adjudicator Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 34 - The Adjudicator[]

FSS Hanse Davion
Avalon Class Cruiser
New Sytris Star System

Avalon Cruiser (Fan Made - Artist Unknown)

FSS Hanse Davion, Avalon Cruiser type WarShip

"...couldn't keep it out of the hands of the AFFS indefinitely."  Prince's Champion Erik Sandoval-Groell stated, "The moment you detected a radio shell in deep space it became a national security issue, Admiral McCoy."

"Monsieur, vous n’aurez aucun argument de ma part sur cette question." Aneh said, "We are covering this as a joint mission?"

"No cover. This mission's public."  He stated.  "At the very least, we'll be showcasing cooperation between services, and nations. At best, it'll be fruitful cooperation."

"At worst, you'll be signing to-whom-it-may-concern letters, General, sir."  Lt. Ngo stood anchored to the deck in the Avalon-class Cruiser's CIC.  "Radio shell means the system is inhabited, that it's heavily encrypted radio means a high probability of militarized. The signals don't match DCMS codes, do they?"

"No, they don't."

"Then it's not Combine, which means we do not know what they have or how much. Since it's all heavily encrypted that means even their civilian signals are controlled by an intelligence agency. IN meaning heavily organized, and at least the crappy is high tech."  Anh's English had smoothed out a LOT, and when she was 'on mission' there was only a slight french mixed with her Arlunan roots in her words.  "Carlie?"

"I think my ship should go in first. Openly." Carlissa said, "There's no reason for this to turn into a shooting war-not yet. Anyway, there has to be a reason your predecessors waved Interstellar Expeditions off from digging behind this, I'm going to need a couple of things."

"What, I mean besides a decent ship?" the Champion asked.

"You're funny, hahah.  No, I need an entry warrant." Carlissa said.

"You mean, like a warrant to search for contraband?" asked the Prince

Carlissa nodded, "Exactly that.  I need a warrant specifying that system, signed by a judge."

"Uh, a what?"
"That reaction, right there, is why I need it."  she added.  "They're located inside Federated Suns territory, but they're clearly not acknowledging that beyond a desire to remain hidden.  I want a warrant to search for evidence of kidnapping and human trafficking up to and including the slave trade, it needs to be signed by a judge, and the person or persons I am looking for should have gone missing from local systems in the last 40 or so years."

"I still don't see it." said the Erik

"They will be so busy trying to prove they aren't slave-traders..." Anh suggested.


"I need a warrant. If you can spare one, a writ of cooperation with the Federated Suns government to let me act in my capacity as an investigating officer in a capital felony case. I still have one from Kowloon and the Lyran Commonwealth Government, but as some bright person will note, I don't have one here."
"Governments are much more reluctant to shoot the law enforcement officials of other governments."  General Groell said with sudden realization.

"And if I'm broadcasting that from the moment I come out of hyperspace, our chances of living through this and bringing back information improve...theoretically, and assuming they see themselves as a legitimate government.  It also gives the AFFS casus belli if they shoot us down."

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