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The Adjudicator Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 25 - The Adjudicator[]

The Triad Tharkad Star System
Lyran Commonwealth
Late 3159

[Message to the Triad...]


Your Majesty,

Would you like to know about Devlin Stone's early childhood or how he grew up?  we found something.  it's not everything, but it's a lot, including some of the forced memory implantation and psychological conditioning used.  I'm stronger in my belief that Devlin Stone has two or more functional personalities in that melon of his after seeing what they did to him as a kid.  The records we found fall between early childhood and his teens, then there's a jump that can't be reliably accounted for to the man on all those holovid specials.

We got some possible locations off a contact list in the facility here, including one location deep in the Federated Suns. The coordinates fit, we're proceeding there as soon as you can give me the go order.

As for the war crime?  I honestly think the Capellans are handling it with respect and just a little horror themselves.  I guess even totalitarian state actors have a threshold of nausea.  I saw a Maskirovka officer holding a doll they found in pit four.  He was weeping where he didn't think anyone could see, and even Mister Macho the local Militia commander is pretty subdued after getting a good look at the concrete impressions.

On a side note, we've probably advanced their criminal investigation techniques by decades. Especially in the forensic and after-the-fact processing.  Even the lowest rankers they're bringing in are learning how to handle evidence without contamination.  God knows what that's going to do for the counter-Intel guys, and I'm sorry if it screws things up for ours.

Yours in Service,

Lt. Clarissa Ngo


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