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The Adjudicator Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 19 - The Adjudicator[]

Former Word of Blake Prison Camp
Kittery Star System
Late 3159

[Republic Hastati team, en-route...]

"...These people weren't relocated, they were murdered."  Major Rivas stopped in his tracks as the comms intercept caught those words.

"What the hell?"  he reached over to the command console of his modified Vindicator and brought up the transmission intercepts on video.

The target was standing in an excavated pit the size of a swimming pool. In front of a craned up block of concrete, and he could just see through the hacked CCAF feed, were the bodies and the impressions of bodies at her feet...and the suitcases.

"Oh my god."  Reality set in like a tidal wave, they're here to investigate atrocities. Why are we interfering in the investigation of atrocities?  Hastati, the Republic's elite forces, aren't chosen for being stupid, despite what the holos might suggest.

"Halt column."


"I said, cease march and fall back to the start point. I need clarification of our orders-they've uncovered a mass grave full of civilians...and it doesn't look like it was the Cappies who put them there, so fall the ****** back."

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