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The Armada (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 46 - The Armada[]

Nathan House
Kowloon Star System
Lyran Commonwealth

Duchess Marjorie Ngo's face on the screen flickered with static as she asked.

"Pretty sure.  We've managed to clear the First Lord of direct involvement, but we have a lead on one of his officers potentially being the funnel the money went through."  RTO Bryant stated, "We can't ask directly for a warrant to follow this up, and it'd be a shitstorm if we just go in with a tac team and grab the suspect. Especially given who the prime suspect happens to be."

"Do I want to know this? Lay it on me, Arto, I'm sure Li Dahn will be showing up to give me the full text of your findings in a few minutes."

"Bloodhouse Kerensky." Bryant said, "In particular the number-two in that group.  His fingers are all over a bunch of covert urban ops groundside, he's a notable one for 'expedient maneuvers' and he's politically opposed to the SaKhan as part of the Warden faction on the Clan Council."

"You're telling me, that one of the guys we like, in the Empire, is behind Sharon's murder?" Marjorie demanded.

"Yeah.  I've got comm intercepts from that night. Traced some of the gear to Clan storage areas and the money came from Arc Royal."

"Gawd, this is a ******...okay. You have the means and opportunity. Sell me on motive, and does your LIC contact concur?"

"LIC station chief concurs that he's our most likely guy. We're still looking for motive."
"Tell our boys to keep at this, the case has to be iron clad, you follow? Fortified, I want to know the man I'm ordering killed is the man or woman who deserves it."

"Aye mum."

"Keep up the good work, Bryant." Marjorie said.

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