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The Armada (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 45 - The Armada[]

LCS Endeavour
Uncharted Star System, Clan Space
Deep Periphery

"I think we figured out what went wrong with the test shot."  Dr. Lews Hypner announced.

"Lay it on me." Rear Admiral Clarissa Ngo looked up from field reports.

"It couldn't work." he said, "Not with a live crew to work, we'd need to be able to control gravity and inertia."

"Hey, Two? Can you patch me through to Murakami and Sybil?" Clarissa asked.

"Double checking our work?" Clarrissa-2

"Not exactly.  call it a 'lightbulb moment'."  Clarissa answered.

"Pingback from the Admiral Murakami over Man'yoshu in five...four...three...there it is.  You're live, Ma'am." her cybernetic twin announced

A sullen voice came from the comm speaker.  "This is Tabiranth. The Admiral is currently busy, Sybil is currently busy. What do you want, Clara?"

"How would you feel about an FTL drive only you can use?"

"Shoot me the specs."

Clarissa faced one of the ship's cameras, "Do it. everything we've got, everything the doc here has."

"Wow...I guess I better wake mom up." Tabiranth said

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