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The Armada (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 41 - The Armada[]

Unity City, Terra
Sol Star System
Wolf Empire

["...every transaction has a record, even underground transactions."]

RTO First Class Bryant had help.  Through the HPG network, the Coast Guard had a 'man inside' the network, the copy of Clarissa Ngo.  The synthetic intelligence was optimum for assisting in tracing down questionable transaction histories, and the network's built in redundancy gave the AI's something to work with-but sometimes you need a true specialist.

Perry Bryant was a hardcore specialist.  Once upon a time he'd been infamous as a slicer, the man who almost stole Donegal. His handle back then had been 'Skynet'...'back then'...six years ago.

The Coast Guard was his ticket out of ten life sentences in Blackgate, the hardest prison in the Commonwealth.  He traded ten life sentences for one life calling. Spent four years of the last six, working OCB cases as a surface grunt in the Boat squadrons before getting the nod for blackwater sea duty.

He worked well with the AI over the link. Going over the sheer mass of data. Sifting to find the shadow accounts and hidden slush funds, then tracing it back and forward.

The work is bottomless.

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