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The Armada (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 2 - The Armada[]

Wave Zero Rally Point One
Idmarch Star System, Zenith Jump Point
Lyran Commonwealth
3167 CE

The station was still under construction, and it would finish construction at about the same time that the ships from Wave Zero reached Clan-space.

Well, the fringe of it is anyway.  Captain Christine Vanh watched the departing JumpShips from a spot on the hull of the huge recharging array.  Well, above the hull-tethered so she could go back inside at a moment's notice.

"You wish, you were going with."  Gary's voice on the comm said.

"I do." she agreed.  "How did the natives take the First Lord's offer?"

"Well, between the Sea Fox merchants and the sheer presence of so much military  might in their system, they were refreshingly stiff necked bargainers."  His voice was amused, "However, the Supreme Leader's council proved somewhat less...resistant once it was demonstrated that the offer was not optional." said Gary.
"So you had to kill him." commented Christine
"I did. His heir was surprisingly level-headed about the whole affair, especially the parts involving local infrastructural improvement and how much longer he will live if he doesn't make trouble for the new Settlements."

"Will there be enough food for what's coming in two years?" she asked.

"The Agronomists from Hood IV think so. The Davion experts are in agreement, there should be sufficient food for the incoming refugees as they wait for transport & immigration paperwork."  He sighed, "It would be simpler to designate 'Clan homelands' and simply assign them."

"Yeah, well...simpler isn't necessarily better.  spreading them out in the general population of the member states gives each member state a burning reason to take them in." she stated, "Which also means each member state has a burning reason to contribute to the effort, and it prevents the formation of hostile power-blocks."

"Aff...where are you?" said Christine

"Dorsal power array, about eight meters above the number six emitter's particle shield." she told him, "Officially watching the new construction of the number two O-Cylinder."

"The new O'Neill structure, hmmm?" said Gary
"Temporary housing.  Jesus, it's bigger than ones at Spider Moon and Anchor Point at the rate its going, likely its going to be bigger yet. By the time we're finished on the construction out here, this will be the largest military base since the fall of the Star League. Also, the largest Naval base in history...only there are going to be bigger ones by the time we can claim the record...ohh, there she is." said Christine
"She? who?" questioned Gary

"The WS Große Hoffnung, that modified Beagle they were talking about!" she said, "She's right on time and looks ready to take on fuel."


"Weltraumrettungshiff, means 'Space Rescue Ship' in German." she said, "Since she's a private venture vessel seconded to the LCN she gets a different designation to separate her from military-only ships.  The second half of the name is just 'Great Hope'."

He chuckled, "A fitting name."

"I wanted her, Gary." Christine said, "I wanted her, but I'm not senior enough.  They gave her to Von Dammen, and I can't even resent it because if I were Admiral Ngo, I'd give it to Kyle Von Dammen too."

"Who is this man?" Gary asked, his signal was clearer and she could see him laboriously moving along the structure braces in her direction.  "This 'Von Dammen?' why would you have chosen him?"

"Maintenance supervisor on Winter Key and a brilliant damned engineer." she said, "He's also notoriously good with people, which is kind of vital for a mission this long with these stakes."

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