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The Armada (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 1 - The Armada[]

Greer Antoinette Habitat
Duran Naval Shipyard
Lyran Commonwealth
3167 CE

Dr. Jarred Middelveen ran through the CEO's waiting area, ignoring the shocked assistant's shout and burst into Stacy McQuinston's office.

Stacy McQuinston's head snapped up and shouted "What is the meaning of this?"

Jarred skidded to a halt and stammered "Sorry for the interruption, Sir, but Project Lifeboat is feasible." as he noticed that the office was set for a secure HPG transmission.

Stacy McQuinston gestured at a report on her desk "Your team's report says Can not complete manufacture by deadline what has changed?"

Jarred struggled to maintain his composure "Sir, we can complete assembly during transit if we modify the final Beagle Exploration Cruiser."

Stacy McQuinston eyes flashed with insight "How extensively?"

"If we switch to the preliminary structure and transit drive designs we can have the cargo capacity to finish the module between jumps to the Pentagon worlds."

"What are the failure chances?"

"High enough that it would have to be your decision to bring this to the Archon" he paused "but if we fail it will reduce the rescue fleet by one hull. A big one, but just one hull."

Stacy McQuinston spun her desktop monitor to face NAME "Archon, Admiral what do you think of this proposal?"

Jarred never heard their answer he was suddenly preoccupied by a minor fainting and collapsing problem.

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