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Introduced in 3147 by Clan Sea Fox, the TA-e (or Target Acquisition - Enabled) Laser is not a new weapon per se, but an enhancement for existing laser weapons. This allows them to function either as normal, as Target Acquisition Gear (with the range brackets of the laser weapon being modified), or even perform both functions simultaneously.


The mass of the system is negligible, and it doesn't occupy any additional space, but it does increase the cost of the weapon by around 30%. TA-e for Pulse Lasers add an additional 10% to the Base weapon's cost.

The TA-e may be fitted to multiple weapons, but only one laser may act as a TAG at a time.

Any laser weapon can become a TA-e weapon (including but not limited to ER, Pulse, Heavy and their derivatives), regardless of size.

TA-e Bombast Lasers do not need to charge to act as a TAG system, though they still need to charge to be used as Directed Energy Weapons.

First Appearance[]

The first known use of Weapons-grade TA-e Lasers was on the planet Khopa IV. (See the crossover Fan-Fiction, Shattered Veil, currently a Work-in-Progress.)